10 reasons you should use freemarket…*

By on August 23rd, 2016 in Editorial

1. We provide everyone that uses our service with access to institutional exchange rates that are nigh on impossible to find anywhere else.

2. We will exchange your currency for an extremely low, fixed 0.2% fee. This is a constant – regardless of the size of your     transaction.

3. Points 1 and 2 mean using freemarket could save you up to 75% on your foreign payments; banks have been known to charge up to 1.5% per transaction, and on average charge 0.8%.

4. Speaking of which – banks will often hide their fees behind a smokescreen of interminable gobbledegook, and levy greater charges on clients they deem “less sophisticated”, i.e. exploitable.

5. Our terms and conditions are 100% transparent and out in the open. They are, essentially, outlined in point 2.

6. We make currency exchange extremely simple. Our platform obliterates the stress and confusion from FX transactions, giving you the power to make great value exchanges and payments as and when you want to.

7. We care passionately about our customers. See this effusive customer testimonial from a man named Dale to find out just how far our account managers will go to make a client happy.

8. We care passionately about currency (see our blog post on the world’s most beautiful banknotes). Not just trying to make it to 10 reasons here – this is a serious point. Who would you rather have handling your money? A money-grubbing sociopath with no respect for the history and culture of currency… or freemarket?

9. We are nice people! To wit:
a) We offer a zero percent charge on foreign payments for charities. Basically, we’ll send/exchange money for free if it’s for charity.
b) We sponsored a guy who rode a penny-farthing from London to Paris to raise money for the Jigsaw School for children with autism, and not just because he did it on a currency–themed bicycle (N.B. you can still donate to Neil’s extremely worthy cause on his Just Giving page)

10. There are so many reasons to use freemarket that we had to split one of them into two parts.

*… for currency exchanges and foreign payments. Please don’t attempt to use freemarket as, for example, a doorstop, laundrette, or mode of transport.

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James is freemarket’s Chief Commercial Officer. He has a history of finding new ways to solve age-old financial challenges and was responsible for launching some of the first online money transfer and prepaid card initiatives in Europe.

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