5 apps to drive greater business efficiency

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Cost: Free; Standard ($6.67 per user, per month); Plus ($12.50 per user, per month)

Slack is an instant messaging service for the workplace – forget about the reams of email chains that take hours to catch up on – Slack simplifies communication and in turn helps boost your productivity. Share attachments, create discussion channels and directly communicate with colleagues in real-time, from wherever you are. Conversations are archived and searchable, and you can even speak to ‘yourself’ on your own private channel (a good place to write notes and leave reminders!)



Cost: Free; Team ($5 per month); Corporate ($9 per month)

Expensify takes the headache out of expense accounting. Take a photo of your receipt using its SmartScan and Expensify will automatically code and report the expense for you. If you’re a bigger business looking for a more comprehensive expense report tool, Expensify can help too. Its additional features include: automatic credit card reconciliation, company card management and next-day reimbursement.



Cost: Free; Premium (£27.99)

This is the app for the list-makers out there. Todoist lets you add, complete and reschedule tasks from any device and has an automatic sync function so that you know what’s next on your list whenever and wherever you are. You can also prioritise using the visual drag-and-drop scheduling, share projects and assign tasks to members of your team. Premium offers additional benefits including: push notifications based on location, date and time, add tasks by email and access your to-do list in your iCalendar.



Cost: Free (limited to 40 drives a month); Monthly (£4.49); Annual (£44.99)

Anybody who drives regularly for business purposes knows how quickly the cost of those miles adds up. MileIQ is a mileage tracker that logs your miles for taxes, so you don’t have to. The app automatically captures every mile you drive, and at the end of the day all you need to do is swipe left or right to classify a drive as ‘personal’ or ‘business’. MileIQ also calculates the value of each drive and your drive history is stored securely in the cloud for future reference.


Genius Scan

Cost: Free; Genius Scan+ ($7.99)

Genius Scan is essentially a scanner in your pocket. Ever needed to sign and scan a contract, or upload an ID document whilst on the move? With Genius Scan simply take a photo of your document and export it as a JPEG or multi-page PDF document. You can then email the document from within the app or save for later. Genius Scan+ includes additional features such as: custom email signature, PDF encryption and Touch ID support.

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