7 apps for people who work remotely

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freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: £2.99

Working remotely often involves Skype sessions, conference calls and various other means of digital communication. While you might be working from your home office in the UK your colleague might be working from a hotel abroad. In some cases, having a productive phone call at a time that is reasonable to you both will require co-ordination of time-zones. Zones allows you to set future times across time-zones to pin-point when it’s best to schedule calls and meetings. It also features a ‘Today’ widget which allows you to quickly see the times in the zones you’ve set up.



freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: $17 per month (if paid annually) but increases with the number of users

Flow is a project and task management tool for keeping up with tasks and meeting deadlines. It allows you to create and assign tasks either to yourself or other team members within the desktop or mobile app. View ongoing projects in the calendar, write notes to colleagues in tasks and generally co-ordinate without the need to be in the same room as your team. You can also integrate with apps like Slack, Dropbox and Google Drive for greater efficiency and convenience.



freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: $6.99 per month (paid monthly); $2.42 per month (paid yearly); $119.99 forever

For some of us, procrastination is only a click away. Being away from the office might remove distractions from co-workers, but can bring new ones that are just as difficult to ignore. Freedom helps you fight temptation by enabling you to block chosen websites and apps. Freedom users report gaining an average of 2.5 hours of free time each day (10,000,000 in the past year). So, whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or messaging services such as WhatsApp, Freedom will eliminate distractions, making you more productive in less time.



freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: Free

Shake lets you create, sign and send legally binding agreements in a matter of seconds, wherever you are. Developed by LegalShield, you can use Shake to create freelance agreements, NDAs and more, comfortable in the knowledge that the templates you’re using have been created by trained legal professionals. Shake’s website also has a substantial number of blog articles providing legal expertise and advice.



Cost: $1.99

One of the perks of working remotely is being able to dictate the environment in which you are working. For some it’s a cosy coffee shop, for others it might be in a library or quiet space. But often noise – or lack of it – can be a distraction. Noisli is a background noise generator that helps you drown out annoying noises (or silence). Choose and mix different sounds including Rain, White Noise, Fan, Forest and others to create your perfect sound environment.



freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: Personal (£4.99 per user, per month); Pro (£8.33 per user, per month); Business (£12.49 per user, per month)

MindMeister eliminates the need for teams to be present in one room to develop and share ideas. It’s a web-based mind mapping tool that lets you share your mind maps with as many colleagues as you want and collaborate with them in real-time. Your colleagues can then comment, vote and discuss changes within the integrated chat function.



freemarketFX work remotely

Cost: £345 per week; £1242 per month

Want to take advantage of your flexible working arrangement by travelling? Roam is a network of global co-living and co-working spaces. It emphasises comfort, community and productivity from the moment you arrive in your new space. You get your own room within a shared living space, and Wi-Fi so you can get to work straight away alongside your new room-mates. The company currently has shared living locations in Bali, Miami, Tokyo, London and soon San Francisco.

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