#FaceXchange 2: 2 Face 2 Furious

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But now you’re hooked. You’re hungry for more. You want more obscure celebrities morphing into even more obscure banknotes. You’ve got a monkey on your back for almost imperceptibly-changing GIFs and no one else is giving you what you need.

Well you’re in luck. Welcome to the deep cuts.

2 Polish złoty – mystery woman / Marion Cotillard
This 1936 Polish złoty note is so underground and hip that there is actually no (easily Googleable) information on the name or significance of the sulkily beguiling woman printed on it. Needless to say, she looks almost exactly like an upset version of French actress Marion Cotillard.

1000 Deutsche Mark – Johannes Schöner / David Bradley
No, we promise you, this is a GIF. Look closer and you’ll see the image is actually morphing back and forth between famed 16th century globe maker/cosmographer Johannes Schöner and mercurial 21st century character actor David Bradley. “Don’t patronise us – we know all about Schöner and his globes,” you say, “but who’s this David Bradley?” You might recognise him as Walder Frey, orchestrator of all your favourite characters’ deaths at Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding.

5000 Austrian kronen – mystery woman / Gillian Anderson
gill1Why is there so little information available on who the women on these banknotes are (or were)? Clearly they were important enough to be depicted on currency, yet somehow – just 94 years after this note was minted – it’s extremely difficult to establish anything about them. Is this a case for Gillian Anderson’s Agent Scully of The X Files fame? Or yet another case of the male hegemony suppressing the accomplishments of high-flying females? You decide.

500 Deutsche Mark – Hans Maler / Nick Nolte
Oh look, a man. Perhaps it will be difficult to figure out who he is? UPDATE: no, it wasn’t. This is Hans Maler, a 16th century German painter known for painting members of the Habsburg court and famous European banking family the Fuggers (ha!). Less known is the fact that he looks remarkably like grizzled 1980s A-list film star Nick Nolte, who you may have seen in 48 Hours, Cape Fear or Another 48 Hours.

50 US dollars – Ulysses S. Grant / Brendan Gleeson
18th President of the United States of America Ulysses S. Grant was instrumental in working with Abraham Lincoln to lead the Union Army to victory over the confederacy. Having done so, Lincoln and Grant presumably went out on an immense bender to celebrate bringing the American Civil War to a close, and what this GIF suggests is that the next morning he most likely looked like esteemed Irish actor Brendan Gleeson.

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