New currency added: Japanese Yen

freemarket are excited to announce that we are now facilitating Japanese Yen payments. JPY is the newest addition to the growing list of currencies we support and for which we achieve market-leading rates on behalf of our customers.

Here’s how the new JPY facility can help you and your business:

  • As with all other currency pairings and transactions, freemarket charge a low, fixed fee of 0.2% on your JPY payments
  • You will achieve mid-market or institutional rates – dependent on demand – widely unavailable for individuals and small businesses elsewhere in the market
  • Simply log-on to your platform and select JPY from the dropdown menu to start conducting your JPY transactions

As always we strive to continue delivering a highly efficient and fair service to our customers and we hope that the addition of the Japanese Yen will provide added benefit to many of you.

Please note that we are always open to requests for additional currencies but assess these based on overall demand, so if there is a currency you would like us to consider supporting please get in touch with your account manager.

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