Penny-farthing update: The Melville-Rae Sensory Room is now open

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Neil managed to smash his original target of £5,000, ultimately raising a total of £9,620. A further £4,500 was raised by current and former teachers Hayley Wadham and Liz Ruff when they took part in the Brighton Marathon.

Earlier this year, the Melville-Rae Sensory Room was opened, equipped with a fibre-optic tunnel, projectors, a music system, a bubble wall and LEDs. The team at the Jigsaw School have described it as, “an oasis of calm with soft sounds and lights to gently stimulate children’s senses.”

Jigsaw’s Director of Education, Emma Hawkins, also said, “Our Sensory Room has always been a firm favourite of our pupils but because it gets so well used it was in real need of refurbishment and an upgrade. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Neil, Hayley and Liz, our pupils will be able to enjoy time in this fabulous new facility for many years to come.”

Neil completed the gruelling challenge of cycling on a penny-farthing from Marble Arch to the Arc de Triomphe – a total of 276 miles – in 26 hours and 41 minutes. He kayaked the 24 miles across the English Channel in 5.5 hours.

freemarketFX sensory room
Neil gets a first-hand experience of the new sensory room.

Upon returning to the school to see the finished room, Neil said, “It’s been great to come back to Jigsaw and see the smiles on the childrens’ faces as they enjoy their new Sensory Room. I am really pleased that the money I raised has been put to such good use.”

A big well done again to Neil, Hayley and Liz from the team here at freemarket. It has been a pleasure to be a sponsor and to see the positive impact resulting from your collective efforts.

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