Show me the money

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you’ve probably heard us mention our fixed fee of 0.2% one or two times – and for good reason – it’s incredibly low and constant, an offering that isn’t available elsewhere in the market.

But we figure it’s better to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. That’s why we’ve asked a few of our satisfied customers to share a breakdown of the savings they’ve made using the freemarket platform, so you know we’re not just spouting guff.

Satisfied Customer A

 A UK music software firm with international revenues, they regularly need to convert income between USD, GBP and EUR. Prior to using freemarket they used their bank’s online system to exchange and transfer currency. Their average transaction size is important to them but considered small by their bank.

freemarket saving: £148.63 on a 32,000 GBP to USD transaction

Equivalent saving: 74% of exchange cost


Satisfied Customer B

A UK advertising agency who traditionally used an FX broker. However, they wanted a better deal and greater transparency on the cost of their transactions and the rate they achieve.

freemarket saving: $360 on a 60,000 CAD to GBP transaction

Equivalent saving: 75% of exchange cost


Satisfied Customer C

A UK domiciled individual holding a premium personal account with an international bank. Despite being a premium client the exchange rates available to them were uncompetitive.

freemarket saving: €173 on a 25,000 USD to EUR transaction

Equivalent saving: 75% of exchange cost


So, there you have it – empirical evidence that we do in fact offer a substantial saving on FX costs. Use our real-time quote tool to see how we compare to your current provider, and remember (if you like what you see) signing up only takes a few minutes.

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