Moving money internationally is expensive. Period. But why?

With the technology available to us nowadays, it doesn’t need to be yet millions of businesses and people rely on inefficient processes to move their money internationally.

With a career specialising in foreign exchange, our Founder and CEO Alex Hunn, has originated, structured and completed on providing market solutions for some of the world’s leading institutional investors. These organisations benefit from market leading infrastructure, information and pricing – yet only the few can access it.

Alex believes this is fundamentally wrong and that all customers, irrespective of size or sophistication have that right. freemarket was created to provide this access.

Alex and his team are dedicated to creating unique software and managing an online platform that helps our members reduce the time, cost and effort of exchanging currency.


freemarket brings disruptive thinking into the international payment market and continues to innovate as conditions and technological possibilities evolve. As a true FinTech company they blend the ‘why’ (market knowledge) with the ‘how’ (technical expertise).

The freemarket platform supports a trusted community marketplace for currency exchange between a network of users; a blend of peer-to-peer exchanges and institutional bank rates, which is completely unique.

Online platforms and cloud-based software are changing the way that companies and individuals approach traditional business tasks and the benefits of these new behaviours and technologies are widely accepted.

In a study that freemarket conducted, 84% believe technology is increasingly an enabler of alternative offerings that can improve financial services and yet an equally high percentage of SME’s feel that banks struggle with the adoption of new FX technology and methodologies.

And yet over 80% of businesses still use banks as their principal foreign currency provider.

freemarket allows SME’s and individuals to take control of their foreign exchange transactions and keep more of their own money.