If you need to pay or receive money in a foreign currency, it’s easy to lose a significant proportion to transfer and conversion fees.

By conducting your payments directly through your freemarket account, you can reduce the fees you pay, and keep more of your hard-earned money. freemarket simplifies international payments.

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    Accept payments locally and internationally at no additional cost

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    Pay, and receive payment, faster

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    Benefit from freemarket’s FCA certification and Tier 1 banking relationships

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    Exchange with any account in a range of currencies

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    Reduce administrative time and overheads

Requesting a payment through freemarket


The process is very simple. For example, if you are working with a client in Europe but want payment in GBP:

You log into your freemarket account and send your client a Payment Request.

Your client is prompted to deposit funds in Euro into a freemarket escrow account.

The funds are converted to GBP in the next scheduled exchange, and deposited in your freemarket account.

You withdraw your funds into another account.

"On average I am saving between 1-2% on the foreign exchange and avoiding the bank transfer fees of $30 every time I make a payment to my suppliers and hotels."

John Newsom, coachjohnnewson.com

If this all sounds simpler and fairer to you, then take control of your international payments and apply for membership now.

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  • £1=€1.1571

The rate used in this example is the rate freemarket achieved on 19 Apr 2018 at 12.49pm. The “RECEIVE” amount indicated is what could have been achieved had this example participated in that transaction. The rate used is inclusive of freemarket’s fee.