If you need to pay or receive money in a foreign currency, it’s easy to lose a significant proportion to transfer and conversion fees.

By conducting your payments directly through your freemarket account, you can reduce the fees you pay, and keep more of your hard-earned money. freemarket simplifies international payments.

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    Accept payments locally and internationally at no additional cost

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    Pay, and receive payment, faster

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    Benefit from freemarket’s FCA certification and Tier 1 banking relationships

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    Exchange with any account in a range of currencies

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    Reduce administrative time and overheads

Requesting a payment through freemarket


The process is very simple. For example, if you are working with a client in Europe but want payment in GBP:

You log into your freemarket account and send your client a Payment Request.

Your client is prompted to deposit funds in Euro into a freemarket escrow account.

The funds are converted to GBP in the next scheduled exchange, and deposited in your freemarket account.

You withdraw your funds into another account.

"On average I am saving between 1-2% on the foreign exchange and avoiding the bank transfer fees of $30 every time I make a payment to my suppliers and hotels."

John Newsom, coachjohnnewson.com

If this all sounds simpler and fairer to you, then take control of your international payments and apply for membership now.