freemarket gives businesses, charities and private individuals a simpler, fairer and more affordable way to exchange currencies.


Small and medium-sized businesses aren’t always able to get the low exchange rates enjoyed by larger enterprises. At freemarket, you exchange funds directly with other members, so everyone gets the best rates and you keep more of your money.

Private clients

You need to access and move funds frequently – wherever you are. freemarket is easy to use, even on the go, helping you simplify the way you manage your currency transactions, for a low fixed fee.


When global charities have to handle volatile currencies from across the globe, brokers offset the risk by charging high rates. The freemarket offering is available to charities free of charge, so you can get the best possible exchange rates without losing valuable donations and grants.

If this all sounds simpler and fairer to you, then take control of your own international exchange and apply for membership now.