If you have customers, clients or members that regularly exchange currency, you can partner with freemarket to offer them a fairer, more cost-effective way to conduct foreign exchange.

You can help your customers obtain low-cost, mid-market rate currency exchange in three ways:

Affiliate partnership

By introducing your customers to freemarket, you can improve your customer perception and give you a better way to serve clients’ foreign exchange needs. It can also bring you a valuable new source of revenue.

White-label partnership

We also offer a white-label service. This lets you provide customers with a separate version of freemarket, branded as one of your own services. Becoming a white-label partner can help you extend your foreign exchange services, while keeping customers closely aligned with your brand.

Integrated API partnership

By integrating with the freemarket API, you can equip your systems to exchange information with the freemarket platform automatically. By using our API, you can manage foreign exchange without interrupting your usual processes, and offer new foreign exchange products to your customers.

If this sounds as if it could benefit your customers and your business, then just get in touch using the button below