Each affiliate agreement is bespoke, to suit your needs and objectives – and those of your customers.

By becoming a freemarket affiliate partner, you can get an additional stream of revenue while introducing your customers to a fairer, more efficient way to obtain currency.

As well as a share of revenues, an affiliate relationship gives you:

  • A better way to serve your customers that want to exchange currency
  • Enhanced brand perception, from directing customers to advantageous rates
  • Custom freemarket pages that are tailored to your customers’ interests
  • Event and marketing support from freemarket
  • Regular reports on your customers’ signups and transactions
  • A dedicated account manager to oversee our partnership

If this sounds as if it could benefit your customers and your business, then just get in touch using the button below

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  • £1=€1.1571

The rate used in this example is the rate freemarket achieved on 19 Apr 2018 at 12.49pm. The “RECEIVE” amount indicated is what could have been achieved had this example participated in that transaction. The rate used is inclusive of freemarket’s fee.