Currency exchange for private individuals

Individuals who exchange currencies in large volumes need a simple, efficient way to conduct secure, cost-effective transactions whenever and wherever ever they want.

With freemarket, private clients can take control of their currency exchanges, easily booking and managing transactions online with a trusted community of members. Instead of buying and selling currencies, funds are exchanged directly with members with matching requirements, so everyone gets the best possible rate – and for a low fixed fee of 0.2%.

All freemarket members go through the same validation process, which is why we can only offer member accounts to those intending to transact above a certain level. By connecting to a network of fully-vetted individuals and companies, all our members save time and money through bypassing the traditional gatekeepers of currency exchange.

“I’ve used various people for foreign exchange in the past, but I was instantly attracted to freemarket by their competitive rates. Especially if you’re buying a property, that low percentage makes a hell of a difference.”

Alan Hicks

Whether you need to repatriate income, buy and sell property abroad, or invest in companies overseas, freemarket can help you:

  • A

    Keep more of your money, with direct access to mid-market rates

  • D

    Conduct faster, more efficient transactions using a simple online dashboard

  • F

    Manage your currency exchanges wherever you are, with easy mobile access

If this all sounds attractive to you, then take control of your international exchange and apply for membership now.

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  • £1=€1.1571

The rate used in this example is the rate freemarket achieved on 19 Apr 2018 at 12.49pm. The “RECEIVE” amount indicated is what could have been achieved had this example participated in that transaction. The rate used is inclusive of freemarket’s fee.