• 0.2% service fee

    The only charge for using freemarket is a service fee, equivalent to 0.2% on your transaction. So if you exchange currency worth £10,000, the service charge is £20.

    This compares to an average 0.8% commission among traditional currency providers; some banks charge as much as 3%.

    For registered charities and social enterprises, the service is entirely free.

  • Mid-market rate

    For scheduled exchanges between members, we strive to achieve the mid-market rate. This is exactly halfway between the prices traders use to buy and sell, so you don’t lose money in either direction, and no profit margin is applied.

  • Free to join

    Joining freemarket costs nothing, and there is no obligation to use your account. You can exchange currency as often, or as infrequently, as you wish.

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    Spread margin


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    Service charge


If this all sounds simpler and fairer to you, then take control of your own international exchange and apply for membership now.