A high net worth individual makes the most of retirement with freemarket

It’s fair to say that Alan Hicks knows a thing or two about foreign exchange.  After rising through the ranks of foreign banking, Alan authored two books on foreign exchange options in the nineties. After a successful career, Alan has been enjoying his retirement, but found himself relying on his financial acumen once again when he decided to purchase property in Portugal.

Before finding freemarket, Alan used a range of providers to get the currency he needed to make purchases abroad. However, he soon discovered he could keep more of his money by conducting his foreign exchange transactions through freemarket.

“I’ve used various people for foreign exchange in the past, but I was instantly attracted to freemarket by their competitive rates. Especially if you’re buying a property, that low percentage makes a hell of a difference.”

And thanks to freemarket’s intuitive online trading platform, Alan has been able to transact quickly to take advantage of favourable rates – and make the most of his experience in foreign exchange.

Accessing freemarket from both his laptop and mobile web browser, Alan has been able to quickly and efficiently build up a portfolio of currency in preparation for future property purchases and maintenance expenses overseas. Whether at home, or out and about, Alan is able to keep an eye on his transactions and rates.

“For me, the low rates were absolutely the number one draw of freemarket. But the principle – the rationale behind it all – was a close second. I’m a big fan of peer-to-peer and I can see that it’s the way the world is going now.”

Alongside the simplicity of using freemarket, Alan was impressed with the speed of transactions. freemarket conducts matched exchanges at least once per day – normally at noon. Once this exchange has taken place, currency can arrive in members’ accounts in a matter of hours.

freemarket has been Alan’s preferred foreign exchange partner since May 2016. On top of conducting one-off, large transactions to purchase his property, Alan has used freemarket for smaller transactions to build up a portfolio of currency he can call upon while abroad – and intends to do so in the future to continue making the most of his retirement.

“To anyone else in my position, I would say that – in my experience of the market – freemarket is the best foreign exchange provider currently available.”

Alan Hicks - Financial Writer

If this all sounds simpler and fairer to you, then take control of your own international exchange and apply for membership now.